US Naval Academy Forrestal Lecture

April 11, 2007

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is a privilege to be here this evening to introduce our distinguished speaker, the honorable Dr. Henry Kissinger. Born in Furth, Germany, Dr. Kissinger became a United States citizen in 1943 and served in the army from 1943 to 1946. He earned his bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees from […]

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Remarks Upon Receiving Baden-Württemberg Verdienstmedaille

March 19, 2007

Mr. Minister President, Distinguished Guests, It means a great deal to me to receive this award from the Ministerpräsident of a state with which I have had a warm relationship for many decades and at the hand of a governmental leader whose activities and pronouncements I have followed with great respect. Mr. Ministerpräsident, I shall […]

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Does the West Still Exist? America and Europe Moving Towards 2020

February 23, 2007

Lord Patten: Dr. Kissinger, ambassadors.It is a great pleasure to have Dr. Kissinger with us at lunchtime today. You may know the story about Woody Allen, who said that he'd just done a speed reading course and had read War and Peace in fifteen minutes. It's about Russia he says. I think there's a similar […]

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