Giovanni Agnelli

August 29, 2007

Foreword for Book on Giovanni Agnelli During the last two decades of his life, no one was closer to me than Gianni Agnelli. We spoke on the telephone three or four times a week and whenever something interesting happened in either of our lives. We spent time together when either of us traveled to the […]

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Madeleine Albright

March 24, 2022

Remembrance of Madeleine Albright Madeleine Albright was one of the people whose very existence provided an assurance of decency, competence, and commitment in a fractured world. As an immigrant, her gratitude to America combined with her service to the principles of freedom and her conviction that the malign events of 20th-century history not be repeated. […]

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John Aspinall

June 30, 2000

Tribute To John Aspinall John Aspinall became a close friend, yet I made his acquaintance only a little less than three years ago. We met altogether perhaps six or seven times, yet his parting has left a painful void in my life. While many of our conversations were about the animals that were his guests […]

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Rudolf Augstein

November 8, 2002

Eulogy for Rudolf Augstein Getting old, I read somewhere, is a process of becoming a stranger in your own world. Gradually, the people who provided emotional support and intellectual sustenance are stripped away. Even as the perspective deepens, it traverses an increasing void. In a way, it is strange that Rudolf Augstein’s death should inspire […]

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Egon Bahr

September 17, 2015

Memorial Remarks for Egon Bahr Egon Bahr signed letters to me “In alter Verbundenheit” and, in 2013, inscribed his book, Erinnerungen an Willy Brandt, with “Es war ein langer Weg bis zur bleibenden Freundschaft.” I am proud of these sentiments growing out of fifty years of debate and collaboration. Egon was my friend. We disagreed […]

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Pat Buckley

May 14, 2007

Memorial Remarks for Pat Buckley I do not recall ever having been so shocked by the passing of a close friend as by Pat Buckley’s. I somehow never thought of her as subject to the normal rules of our existence. I was amazed to read her age in the obituary pages. It was not that […]

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William F. Buckley, Jr.

April 4, 2008

Eulogy for William F. Buckley, Jr. Bill Buckley inspired a political movement that changed American politics; he founded the National Review that, for over a generation, has shaped American political discussion; he hosted an influential talk show for thirty years; he wrote an elegant column. Every year, he authored a beautifully written novel; in what […]

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Marion Dönhoff

January 22, 2002

No one moved me more than Marion Dönhoff or had a deeper impact on me as a human being. We were not contemporaries; she was brought up in the tranquil time before the First World War, I in the turbulence of the Germany of the 1920s and 1930s. She was serene, I more shaped by […]

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Lawrence S. Eagleburger

June 21, 2011

Eulogy For Lawrence S. Eagleburger Who of his associates can ever forget Larry at work: in shirt-sleeves, asthma inhaler in one hand, cigarette in the other, cough drops in front of him, a telephone squeezed between shoulder and ear and very loud opera music blaring from his recorder. Larry was indispensable: as an associate and […]

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Ahmet Ertegun

April 17, 2007

Memorial Remarks for Ahmet Ertegun I do not remember precisely when Ahmet showed up in my life. I had heard of him, of course, but I did not believe what I was hearing. Suddenly, he was there, raspy-voiced, irreverent, buoyant, debonair, charming, ubiquitous, highly intelligent and occasionally, let us admit, exasperating. I still did not […]

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