Richard M. Nixon

April 27, 1994

Eulogy for Richard M. Nixon During the final week of Richard Nixon’s life, I often imagined how he would have reacted to the tide of concern, respect, admiration and affection evoked by his last great battle. His gruff pose of never paying attention to media comment would have been contradicted by a warm glow and […]

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William S. Paley

November 12, 1990

William S. Paley Memorial By the time our paths crossed, Bill Paley had already made an enduring contribution to American life and American culture. He was in his 70s, at an age when deep, new human relationships are rarely forged. Yet, almost miraculously, Bill and I became close friends, and I want to talk about […]

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Pete Peterson

April 25, 2018
Memorial Remarks for Pete Peterson Pete and I met half a century ago in the Nixon White House. I was National Security Advisor. Pete had been recruited as Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs. We were both considered to be promising young men. Some commentators predicted a grim bureaucratic struggle. Pete would have [...]
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Robert Pirie

March 9, 2015

Memorial Remarks for Robert Pirie Bob Pirie and I met only five or six times a year, even more rarely for one-on-one conversations. Yet he was a friend of a very special kind—ever more important during the summing up phase of my life. We go through life, it has been said, looking for hidden treasure—only […]

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Nelson Rockefeller

February 2, 1979

Words of Commemoration: Memorial Service for Nelson Rockefeller That Nelson Rockefeller is dead is both shattering and nearly inconceivable. One thought him indestructible, so overpowering was he in his energy, warmth and his deep faith in man’s inherent goodness. For twenty-five years, he had been my friend, my older brother, my inspiration and my teacher. […]

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Peter W. Rodman

October 10, 2008

Eulogy for Peter W. Rodman A kind Providence caused Peter’s life and mine to intersect over four decades ago. Peter was assigned to me as tutee in 1965 at Harvard. He was part of my life ever since. It will be an emptier and less joyful world without him. Peter wrote a brilliant undergraduate thesis. […]

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William D. Rogers

September 30, 2007

Eulogy for William D. Rogers Bill Rogers was my colleague, my friend and, in many ways, my conscience. In the thirty-four years I was fortunate enough to walk with him, he became part of my life. Rarely did a day pass, and never a week, without a long conversation. I have never met anyone with […]

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Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

April 23, 2007

Eulogy for Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. On the morning after Arthur’s death, his son, Stephen, telephoned to invite me to the apartment that evening for a gathering of Arthur’s friends. This act of grace took me back to the Harvard of the 1950s, when our friendship was born, before the loss of our national consensus, […]

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Helmut Schmidt

November 23, 2015

Eulogy for Helmut Schmidt In 2012, in a letter to Helmut Schmidt acknowledging an article he had sent me, I wrote: “Our long friendship is one of the pillars of my life.” We had cooperated closely over six decades: when we were both in government; even more frequently after we both left office; and exchanged […]

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Ariel Sharon

January 14, 2014

Ariel Sharon’s Journey from Soldier to Statesman Arik Sharon started as a warrior. He ended his career on the way to being a peacemaker. On that journey from fighting in every one of Israel’s wars to lying comatose for eight years in a Jerusalem hospital, he symbolized the anguish and dilemmas of Israel. A people […]

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