Remarks on behalf of the American Delegation to the Third Annual U.S. – China Track II Dialogue

January 16, 2012

Mr. Vice President, State Councilor Tang, Ambassador Yang, Distinguished Guests, On behalf of the American delegation, thank you for this warm welcome, for your gracious words, and for the tremendous hospitality shown to our delegation. Hospitality was a striking attribute of China during President Nixon’s visit forty years ago. It remains a distinguishing feature of […]

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Transatlantic Values in an Era of International Upheaval

November 17, 2011

Five years after my family left Fürth for New York, I returned to Germany with the American army. Afterwards as a student and then as a professor, I had the opportunity to reflect on questions of European order and Germany’s future, and subsequently in public service, I was able to work on issues to which […]

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Remarks at Unveiling of Statue of Gerald R. Ford

May 3, 2011

Providence smiled on America when Gerald Ford was sworn in as the 38th President. The Vietnam war had divided the country. Watergate had demoralized the Executive Branch. The Cold War was still raging and, as the guardian of international order, America faced the nightmare of global chaos as its adversaries were emboldened and its allies […]

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International Institute For Strategic Studies Global Strategic Review Speech

September 10, 2010

Thirty-four years ago, I had the honor of delivering the first Alastair Buchan Memorial Lecture for the IISS. Alastair had been a friend, an occasional critic and a permanent inspiration. The annual conference opening today is a tribute to his vision. In 1976, I selected as a theme a quotation by Alastair, as follows: “Structural […]

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Statement Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee On the New Start Treaty

May 25, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Chairman and Ranking Member Lugar. It is a pleasure to meet again with this Committee, whose membership has substantially turned over since I last testified before it. Let me begin by placing the treaty into the context of arms control issues as they have evolved in the half-century that I have dealt […]

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The Future Role of the IEA

October 14, 2009

I am grateful for the opportunity to join you this evening, particularly to commemorate this auspicious occasion — the 35th anniversary of the establishment of International Energy Agency. Feeling like its father, I take special pride in being here. Much has changed since 1973, and I believe that the IEA now stands at a critical […]

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The Intellectual Underpinnings of the Trilateral Partnership in the 21st Century

April 26, 2009

When the Trilateral Commission was started in 1974, the world was essentially bipolar. The idea of David Rockefeller and his colleagues was to bring Japan into a dialogue with what was then the center of global thinking and power, namely, the North Atlantic area. China had just begun its relationship with the United States—it was […]

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Introduction of President Nicolas Sarkozy

September 23, 2008

“The mark of a statesman is the determination to change the course of events, not just to describe them, and not simply to explain them.” President Nicolas Sarkozy has surely lived up to his own depiction of the qualities of a statesman, put forward in August 2007. He has not only explained events but changed […]

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Remarks at Presentation of First American Academy in Berlin Kissinger Award to Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

June 7, 2007

One of the few disagreements between Helmut Schmidt and me concerns how we met. We both agree that it occurred fifty years ago in 1957. He has claimed that our first encounter was at a conference at Harvard University where we argued about nuclear strategy. I have been convinced that our paths crossed a few […]

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Current International Trends and World Peace Expanded Version of Delivery at The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

April 28, 2007

Thank you very much for this generous introduction and, above all, thank you for inviting me here. For somebody who has had the honor of having audiences with three Popes and to have respected and admired the role of the Church over the centuries, to be able to be in the Vatican with a group […]

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